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The last vineyard on its on roots in Bourgueil/Chinon. Comment Printer Friendly 


Pierre et Catherine Breton


'Franc de Pied'



$26.99 on 6 bottles or more!

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Not the most expensive cuvée from the Breton family, but we believe the most rare with only a handful of cases making their way to the US. If, like us, you've been wondering where Bernard Baudry's Franc de Pied wine has been the last year or so it is no more. The vineyard has died, as did Charles Joguet's own-rooted vines in Chinon as well. With it now being illegal to plant vines on their own roots in these appellations, that leaves the Breton's with the last remaining vineyard planted this way. A small parcel of thirty year old vines that (as Catherine knocked on wood), are healthy and a point of pride for the domaine and their hyper organic farming methods. We tasted this wine with Catherine and her daughter France at the office yesterday and it was singing. Catherine says that this is easily the most transparent of her wines, something about the own roots gives off aromatics that are immediately tell tale about the vintage and terroir. We loved it and while she had many beautiful wines to show, we couldn't get over just how pretty the aromatics were here. The palate is no slouch either, detailed, beautiful fruit with precision and purity, all of the normal great things that we like about the domaine and their great work with Cabernet Franc. Bourgeuil soils tend to lead to wines a bit more elegant than their counterparts in Chinon, and here is a wine of finesse. A fun bottle from one of our favorite domaines in the Loire.


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