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We relentlessly scour the globe and taste over 5,000 bottles a year. From perennial icons to new discoveries, we only offer products we love. Our personal relationships built over 45+ years keep us connected and grant us access to the most coveted cellars. We cut out the middleman by importing straight from the supplier to you. Allowing us to bring you exemplary wines and unparalleled prices.



"I have purchased more than 100 cases of wine from Envoyer and had them shipped to my front door on multiple occasions. I have never lost a bottle in transit. Envoyer is a great source for well-priced burgundies, if you can resist the tantalizing offers."

Bill, East Coast


"Envoyer Fine Wines is our go to place for discovering and purchasing outstanding wines from around the world."

Rich, Laguna Niguel CA


“Envoyer offers a terrific selection of champagne, ranging from some of the smaller and very intriguing grower-producers to the big houses. Greg provides a personal touch, has a wealth of knowledge that he’s always willing to share, and pricing is among the best you’ll find. Great regardless of whether you're looking for an entry level non-vintage bottle or the finest tete de cuvée. Excellent actual experiences. Highly recommended.”

Steve, Redondo Beach CA

Exclusive Revelation: Tatenokawa's 2022 Soube Wase Junmai Daiginjo - A Limited Edition Sake Masterpiece Unveiled

A representative from Tatenokawa, a renowned Sake brewery established in 1832, recently visited us from Japan to introduce their new 2022 Soube Wase Junmai Daiginjo Sake, which boasts exceptional quality. Tatenokawa has a long history of striving for perfection in Sake production, highlighted by their commitment to using the finest ingredients, such as the rare Soube Wase rice. This heirloom rice strain, nearly extinct 150 years ago and revived from seeds stored at the Japanese Seedbank, offers a unique, complex flavor profile that sets it apart from more commonly used varieties. The newly introduced Sake, limited to 2,000 bottles annually with just 30 bottles imported to the USA, represents a more accessible yet still exquisite option compared to their previous offerings like the Nehan Black. It features a rich, aromatic expression and a balanced taste of elegance and richness, promising to improve with age. Tatenokawa remains the sole producer of Sake from Soube Wase, emphasizing their dedication to crafting unparalleled Sake with a deep respect for tradition and quality.

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