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Shipping Policy


 All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.  The buyer is also responsible for any additional costs such as storage fees or delayed delivery fees that may be charged by the carrier you choose to use.  In addition, applicable sales taxes.      

California Customers only-Ground, Flat Rate and Expedited shipping

These orders are shipped immediately, as soon as inventory is available, unless a request is made with ENVOYER directly or a note is left in the special instructions at the check-out page.

California Customers only-Consolidate with Existing Orders

These orders are consolidated and shipped every 60 days. Shipping will be charged at the time of the order for 375ml and 750ml bottles. If you purchase wines larger than 750ml an additional charge will apply because of the size and weight of the bottles. See Summer Shipping Conditions*

California Customers only-Ground

Ground orders are packed and shipped daily according to transit times. When orders are processed an automatic email will be sent to you which includes tracking information. Tracking information will update once the carrier has scanned the package at the appropriate sorting facility and shipping hubs.

California Customers only-Unavailable to receive an order?

As an additional option, you can update your ship to address and have an order shipped to your local Fed Ex, UPS or Walgreens.

Will Call 

Any order for will call we require 48 hours advance notice to prepare your order. 


California Customers only-Pallet Shipments

Pallet shipments are a free service we provide as a courtesy to our customers. This allowing you to be consolidated with other customers going to the same location at a much lower cost to yourself. These will be packed and shipped at our discretion as they are delivered to wine storage facilities.

We will do our best to always pack in 12 packs, but you must keep in mind the sizes of the bottles of which you are purchasing. Champagne may not always fit in a regular 12 pack box and rarely come in 12 pack boxes, therefor likely needing to stay in its original 6 pack case and/or one like it. The sizes of the 6 packs boxes are also observed to see if there are multiples for the same customer that are similar in size and shape to be taped together creating 1-12pack parcel. German wines will need to go in their own boxes due to their tall size in shape.

The Envoyer team is aware all pay a flat rate per box. Our ultimate responsibility is ensuring the safety of the wine when packed, this meaning 24 bottles can end up being 3 or even 4 boxes depending on the bottles you are purchasing. All in-stock orders are expected to be shipped upon each opportunity, items left behind due to customer request will incur storage fees at $10 a case (12 bottles) upon the first 30 days and to be continued until shipped or included on the next pallet shipment.

California Customers only-Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping options are Express, 2-day air, and Standard Overnight shipping. These orders are packed and shipped daily depending on transit times. i.e., An order placed for an in-stock item on a Friday will ship the following Monday. These shipping options can be available by request, through the summer.

*Please be aware that this does not include the time it takes the wine to reach our warehouse and be processed for shipment. It is simply the time it will take the order to reach you once shipped.

California Customers only-Summer Order Process

Orders will be held and consolidated in our climate-controlled warehouse for shipping later in the year once things cool down. Once it’s safe we will reach out to let you know when your wine will ship. Summer Shipping conditions apply*

California Customers only-Summer shipping conditions*

ENVOYER determines when conditions are safe to ship orders that have been held, but please expect the hold to extend through the duration of the hot summer months, depending on your location. Requests for earlier shipments can be granted on a case-by-case basis.

These options are activated within ENVOYER once the weather in your state averages above 85 degrees on the west coast and 80 degrees for the mid-west and east coast. ENVOYER ships orders at our sole discretion with the parameters we look at being the median temperature over the course of your packages journey, as well as transit time. Orders will continue to ship as long as the median temperature falls within 40 – 78⁰ Fahrenheit.

As temperature reaches 40⁰ F, ENVOYER defaults to packing in foam insulated shippers. If weather drops below freezing, we will hold your orders until weather meets our shipping parameters.

When temperatures extend above 75⁰ F, we default to ship in foam insulated shippers and include ice packs at no additional cost to you. If climate-controlled shipping is not available or transit times are over 4 days, we will hold on to your order until weather meets our shipping parameters.

Expedited Shipping options are available as well through Summer and Winter and are shipped accordingly.